Monday, 25 August 2014

Souvenir's, Magic, and FTF's


Souvenir's and FTF's

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Noticed one evening a cache got published around 8pm, but it was already about 830 when I noticed it and it was farther away so I assumed I would not stand a chance on the FTF, so I left it alone. The next morning I was up early as I had to drive my father in law to the skytrain station. Looked at the cache and noticed it had not been logged as of yet.
FTF Prize!!!

So after dropping him off, I headed to the cache. Not only was I FTF(First to Find) but got my "International Geocaching Day" souvenir as well!!!

Also got another FTF at a small park nearby. It was a multi called "Wouldn't want to waste the space"
After finding the final, I sat down on the nearby bench and shortly after was joined by some other cachers coming to try for the FTF. Sorry guys....hehehehe!

Caching Event

Went to an event this month called "Couple of California Cachers Come Cachin in Canada"

Caching event

It was the last part of my "7 souvenir's in August" to unlock the special souvenir "The Achiever"

 At the event we got talking about souvenir's and I mentioned I had a Texas souvenir but had not yet cached there as of yet. It was because I logged a travelling cache that was listed as a Texas cache. LostSailRs(the organizer of the event) asked what a travelling cache was. I was explaining and someone else had mentioned that there was only about 6 travelling caches left in the world. They are no longer allowed except for the ones that are already out there and active. I thought this was cool as I have found 3 of them.
Traveling caches I've found:

GC2179 "Bernies Travelling Geocache"

GC8E37 "The corps of discovery" (Found at island spirit, and this is the one that I got the Texas souvenir from)

GC6ADF "Traveling little known parks finder"

Upon further investigation into the travelling caches, I have found that there is still about 30-40 active caches that are travelling including one that is in the Fraser Valley area, which I will now have to go and

Speaking of the Fraser Valley:
The Fraser Valley Magic Circle had their annual picnic this month at out past presidents house. It was nice to see a great turnout with most of the members and some spouses showing up. It was an awesome BBQ with lots of food and chatting.

Monday night magic(CMOTY)

Third Monday Magic(FVMC) this month was the Children's Magician of the year competition. I had originally entered as I came in second in the Vancouver magic circles competition of the same name, but then pulled out two days before as I felt I did not have enough time to set up for the routine I was gonna use. Instead I got to be a judge, but next year I will be ready!!! It was a great night with several performers competing for this coveted award.

Team Cache

 Back in April of 2011, some caches placed by TEAM KFWB GPS were put up for adoption. Since these were caches that were originally published in February of 2003(geocaching was started in May/2000 ) they have become pieces of history for geocachers. The Mid Island cachers(of which I am a member) decided to adopt some of them. Then they were dispersed to some of the members that would be able to take care of them. I was asked to adopt one, so I did. The plan was simple, take over the cache and go check on it and make sure it is still in good condition or fix it up, to keep it active. Unfortunately I was unable to get to it right away as it was quite away out on some back roads, that were not accessible at certain times of the year. We were finally able to get to the cache site in December of 2011. The cache could not be found anywhere but I came prepared with a whole new cache in an Ammo can fully loaded. PS Most cachers love finding ammo cans in the woods, versus micros.

This was the note I post in a log on the cache page: CODE OF SILENCE GEOCACHE
Drove in from the Horne Lakes side today, despite a wrong turn which led up the mountain to a dead end and having to turn around without rolling the truck, and having a tree across the road to hurdle over with the truck, plus a wee bit of snow on the road, we managed to reach the cache site. We looked for some time and could not find any tagged tree to start from, but found the only stump with orange paint. We did not however find the origanal cache box or contents. We placed a new container(ammo can) under the stump with the orange paint. It is in plain view as I don't think anyone will spot it unless they are there caching.(pics will be posted) If anyone does find the origanal cache container please let me know, I would like to place it inside the ammo can to keep it safe. This cache is a very historic cache and I will make sure it stays active.
I will be editing the cache page with some new coordinates to help out and to stay on the right road to the cache. Have fun and good luck!!!


This is a pic of the new cache in place. And the lower pic is the ammo can loaded with a huge log book and lots of SWAG(stuff we all get)
Recently I received an email from a friend and fellow cacher, Slimshadysr. He was out that way caching and told me the area around the cache was scheduled to be "Harvested"
He removed the cache for me and held onto it so we could find a better location. Just recently he was back down that way and was able to place it in a new safer spot. Many thanx goes out to him, and I would do the same for anyone else.
Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching and keep the Magic alive!!
Chris Yuill



Monday, 11 August 2014

PCAM, Alberta trip and Chickens???

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I Love FTFs!!!!

At the beginning of July I got a few FTFs. I was at home, when a couple of new caches got published. I headed out the door. The first one was at the Dairy Queen down the street. The second one was down on Barnet hwy. It was a blitz cache named "Wicked!!". I raced there and as I reached GZ I found the very cool caching container. I took pics of course but will not post them on my blog so as not to spoil the surprise.

Another cache came out awhile later but I decided not to go after it as I was already busy with other things away from home. We got back home after being out for awhile and I noticed this new cache was not logged yet. Out the door I go in hopes of another FTF. Well the cache was over 2 1/2hrs old and I still was the first to sign. YAY another FTF!!
This past month(July) also marks the anniversary of me living on the mainland one year now. I have been doing quite a bit of caching since I've been over here and a lot of fun and different unique hides. Here are some pictures of some different cool Hides Since I've been here.
Project APE Tribute


We also went for a family outing one rainy Sunday to Granville island. Only grabbed one cache while we were there but also stopped in this cool shop that makes and sells brooms.
Regular Brooms

Cool looking brooms

Nimbus 2000??

Pacific Coast Association of Magicians(P.C.A.M.) Magic Convention

August was a busy month with the PCAM convention, which was an awesome 4 day event with shows, competitions, lectures, and workshops.....OH, and a lot of fun seeing old friends and making new ones, and hanging out. Of course with this convention as always, I offered to help backstage, and wherever I could. I also competed in the Comedy magic category, although I did not win I had a great time with an act that my wife and I came up with that I have never performed before(all new) and will probably never repeat it, as it was just for this competition.
Here is the YouTube link to my act, Fresh Food!!!!

Caching for Souvenirs

        August has some souvenirs from to give away. Seven different souvenirs for collecting different kinds of caches. The first 6 are for getting different kinds of geocaches and if you get all six you are rewarded with a seventh. So August 1st, I was at the PCAM convention but got up early and went out and got the first 3 of 7 souvenirs.
Last year at this time in August, they had the 31 days of August where you could get a souvenir every day of the month.
Of course I got all the souvenirs because I was already doing every day of the month for the year as a goal and I actually extended the year and did 400 days straight of at least one Cache a day, so it was a no-brainer for me to get all 31 souvenirs in August.

I also headed off to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta for a week with my little guy.  Lots of Caching to be had also.
Came thru Jasper National park and got some traditional caches and a cool earthcache .

While in the Edmonton area, was able to grab a Virtual cache as well.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching and keep the Magic alive!!
Chris Yuill


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Magic, Magic, Magic, with a bit of caching

Caching and FTFs

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Grabbed a couple of FTF's in the last little while.
Have not been caching as much as I would like to but still find the time to grab one now and then. Need to get out on a nice hike for several at some point.
Cool Lego container

Magic Competitions

It's been a busy month for me at the local magic competitions as I have been entering into as many as I can. Last months blog I wrote about winning the VMC(Vancouver Magic Circle) Close up competition. Since then I have competed for FVMC Stage magic, the Children's Magician of the Year award, and the VMC's “Ray Gamble” trophy which is for best impromptu magic with an unopened deck of cards.

Fraser Valley Magic Circle

At the FVMC meeting on June “Friday the 13th” Several things happened, first I was sworn in as the Vice President of the ring.  Here I am with(from left to right) Dale Hopkins(secretary) Myself (VP) Mike Norden (President) Nicole Norden (Treasurer) and Bruce Hunt (Sargent at arms)

FVMC Executive
Then I was awarded the “Creativity award” for being creative in the magic field, with routines such as my blender bill can routine, my Jumbo Jack and Jill card trick(which got me a second place in VMC gimmicked card night) and my "Twisted Twonie" routine.(which is what I won with in the VMC Close up competition last month)
Creativity award presented to me by Mike Norden
 Then I also competed in the FVMC stage magic competition, and won!!!!
FVMC Stage Magician of the Year and Tony Chris(MC)
Not to bad for a "Friday the 13th" 


The Magic Festival

The 2nd annual Magic Festival kicked off this month also with dozens of shows taking place in the Port Coquitlam area, between the Second storey theatre, The Elks Lodge, and the Terry Fox theatre.
Balloon art by Dennis Bauyon
 Last year I was still living in Victoria but was able to stop in for a couple of days during the festival as I was on my way thru on tour of southern BC. This year I was able to not only catch most of the shows but also co-produced one of them.
 It was a comedy magic night with Steve Dickson and myself. We had fun doing it and I am sure we will also be back next year.
The second day of the festival was the Children's Magician of the Year Competition, there was 6 of us competing and I came in second place. Congrats again to Graham Kita for winning!!!
During the festival the VMC had their regular monthly meeting at one of the theatres that the festival was using. It was an open house where people could come and see what the VMC is all about, and see some magicians performing. Also the “Ray Gamble” trophy was up for grabs.
Donated by Ray Gamble, the Ray Gamble Trophy is awarded in recognition of excellence in impromptu card magic. The competitor must present a single effect using absolutely nothing except what is supplied. The Competition Chair will supply each competitor with a deck of cards, cellophane removed but the seal intact.
Competitors are responsible for opening the deck of cards in front of the judges. In order to keep this competition separate from other Vancouver Magic Circle competitions, any additional item introduced will result in disqualification. The spirit of this competition is to encourage growth in the fields of impromptu style card magic.
This competition is open to the Adult members of the club only. I was one of several magicians competing. I had planned on doing a routine where I write down a prediction on the Joker, but only about an hour before the event, I found out I could not use a pen, only the deck of cards that was given to me. After making several changes in my routine, I had something almost totally different than I had planned.(Talk about impromptu)
Ray Gamble award presented to me by MC Billy Hsueh(MC)
 I think I did pretty good as you can see from the picture!!!

At the end of this month I will be at the P.C.A.M.(Pacific Coast Association of Magicians) Convention. This year it is in Coquitlam at the Executive Plaza Hotel.

There will be several lectures and workshops as well as many special events, shows, and Magic competitions. I have entered into one of the competitions with a whole new act that my wife Jenna and I came up with. Wish me luck!!!
Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching and keep the Magic alive!!
Chris Yuill

Friday, 6 June 2014

Caching and Magic

Its been a busy couple of months for both caching and Magic.

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I had a show in Courtenay, and was able to grab a couple of cool caches while over on the Island.
I love combining my trips for shows with some caching while on route.
Open sesame!!!
Looks like a log right???


Grabbed two more caches at the mile markers(Mile Markers) out towards Langley.


Went out and fixed up a friends cache for them that is near me(They live on the Island, and they asked if I could fix it for them) I was more than happy to!!! (Cachekateers cache)

Also found some cool and interesting caches and unique containers.

Bolt Cache

Fence boards

Random sticks

As you can see there are many unique ways to hide a cache or build a cool container. I love these kind of caches as they are usually out in the open in plain sight.

Puzzle caches
I have been working on a few puzzle caches over the last little while. After working them out I place the co-ords into an app I have on my phone, called IGCT. The worst part about doing puzzle caches is I seem to be able to work the majority of them out, but don't always get out to find them right away.
Port Moody Puzzles
Victoria Puzzle caches

As you can see by the pics, there are many caches that I have solved in the Victoria area, but now that I do not live there anymore, I may not get to log them all. lol

Magic Competitions
I competed in a few magic competitions within the last couple of months.

In April I entered the Vancouver Magic Circles Gimmiked card competition. (Out of 6 competitors, I came in second)

In May I competed against 7 others for the Vancouver Magic Circles Close up magic competition
The H.B. MacLean Trophy is awarded in recognition of excellence in close up magic. The effect or routine must be easily performed in an intimate and close up setting. In order to keep this award separate and distinct from other Vancouver Magic Circle trophies, no playing cards or stage effects will be permitted.
The spirit of this competition is to encourage growth in the fields of restaurant, table hopping, trade show and walk around style magic. as you can see by the pictures I did pretty good.

"Twisted Twonie routine"

2014 Close up champion(me) with Graham(VMC president), and Tony(MC, and last years winner)

Also in May I went over to Victoria to compete in the Comedy magic competition. Saw a cool statue at the theatre that we were performing at.
Follow the yellow brick road

Too bad it was on private property, as it would be a cool spot for a magnetic cache.
 Had a great time competing in the Victoria Comedy Magic competition. I competed against 4 other Victoria area magicians, my good friend Dave Morris won this year with me coming in second. A very well deserved win by Dave, congrats again!!!

All in all I believe I did a very good job with these competitions. They are always a learning experience. I have a couple more coming up that I am also entered into. In June I am entering the FVMC (Fraser Valley Magic Circle) stage competition, the Vancouver Childrens Magician of the year, and The Ray Gamble award(unopened deck challenge)

Wish me Luck!!!

British Columbia Geocachers Association

The BCGA had its elections this past month, and this year I decided not to run as I have been the Vice President since 2011. Congrats to all those elected this term.
Geocaching has been in the news a fair bit lately and has become more of a household name as more people are discovering it. Here is a pic someone(the co-founder of posted on FaceBook.

27 Down: 21st century pastime for treasure hunters

Magic festival

Near the end of June the second annual Magic Festival takes place in Port Coquitlam. It is a week long festival filled with Magic shows of all types. This year I am producing one of the shows with myself and good friend Steve Dickson. The week kicks off on June 21st and goes until June 27th with 2 or more shows every day. Hope to see many of my friends and followers out at the festival. Come support live entertainment at its best.
Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill