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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers

Geocaching Stats

Geocaching stats are all about Numbers, not only how many caches you've found, how many caches there are in the world, or how many cachers are out there hunting for caches. Its also about many other numbers and statistics. This months blog, I look at some of my numbers.
So far to date I have found over 3600 Caches since starting in Sept/2008

Magicman65 Profile

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Are you an avid geocacher? Do you have a favourite cache type? According to the Groundspeak website, there are 20 geocache types to find – that’s right, TWENTY!! Although some are much more rare than others, of course, and some are not even listed on the geocaching website (such as waymarks) This is a list of my current finds of the different cache types.

The overwhelming majority of caches I have found are traditional: 88%, in fact. This comes as no surprise, as traditional caches remain the most common type of cache.
I still have a few kinds to find:
  • Wherigo (I had planned on doing one of these on my trip to Alberta, but did not get the time)
  • Giga-Event (These are fairly new and very rare)
  • Locationless
  • Lab Caches
  • 10 Years! Event (Too late for that one now) I was on tour at the time, but I did get some 10years! caches including a couple FTF's. The only event near me that day was in the same town(Castlegar, BC) I was in but I was performing elsewhere at the time of the event.
  • Lost and Found Event
  • *Waymarks (not available for logging on, but on – Groundspeak describes waymarks as the ‘new locationless caches’)

I have found caches on every day of the year, including February 29th on a leap year.

As well as I've found caches that have been placed(published) on every day of the year.
(Just a few weeks ago I searched out a cache to finish this chart so I could log a challenge cache while I was in Alberta)

My best caching day was with Jenna (Angelcheeks) on May 21st, 2011 when we found 200 in one day. Our previous best was 71.
My longest geocaching streak was 400 days in a row finding at least one cache per day, but in that time I found a total of 1105 caches. So as you can see I was doing more than one a day most of the time.

I've found caches from as close as 220 metres away from my home to as far as 6013 Km away from home, while we were in Panama to get Married. These stats changed a bit when we moved from Courtenay to Victoria and then to Port Moody, BC where we live now.

As you can see in the picture above, I have traveled a total distance of 161,431km between caches(in a straight line) which would be farther when you factor in roads and such. WOW, that's a lot of walking!!! LOL
The chart below looks at distances away from home and shows how many caches I have found in distance, and what percentage each group is. This chart is not very accurate as it has changed because of our move from Vancouver Island, Most of my caches to date have probably been found in and around the Courtenay, BC area, where I got started caching, but now show that they are 100km to 250km away because I now live in Port Moody, BC

I have found many different Terrain/Difficulty combinations(Difficulty and Terrain levels go from 1-5) I still have some combinations to find to fill in this chart!!! There are several geocaching challenge caches that you need this chart filled in, so I may need to set another goal, cause as you know from a previous blog I love doing challenge caches. lol
 NOTE: After writing this I went out and found 4 caches that has reduced this chart to only needing 14 more from the 18 it shows in the pic.

I have also found some very old caches as well as a few firsts. I have found the First cache ever placed in Alberta(Strathcona Wilderness 1) and British Columbia(Tree Hugger) and I have visited the location of the very first ever cache, down in Beavercreek, Oregon. One day I wish to go to Nova Scotia to find Canada's first ever cache!!!
Speaking of first's I have found many FTF's(First to find)
This is something that is not governed by Groundspeak(Geocaching HeadQuarters)
A FTF is when you are the first to find a newly published cache. Sometimes there is a prize in the cache from anything such as a loonie, townie, lotto ticket to something with more value. But usually finding it first for the bragging rights is just reward enough. As of writing this blog I have accumulated 340 FTF's(Ya, I like being first. lol)

I have 77 souvenirs(Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that can be discovered and displayed on your profile)

Six of my 77 souvenirs

My most Icons in a day was 7 different cache types and we(Jenna and I) also found a challenge cache for this on the same day!!! We were the first cachers to do all 7 icons and the challenge cache on the same day!! (The requirements were to find 7 icons in one day but you did not have to find the challenge cache the same day, anytime after was fine) We traveled from Victoria to Duncan to Cowichan Lake to do this.


My most well rounded container type day, I found 6 different types of containers in one day:

These were found while caching on a Magic shows tour, did not even try to accomplish this, it just happened, as I was caching on route from one show to another. lol

I have found caches placed in 169 out of the 183 months since geocaching began in May/2000
Apparently there are only 3 caches remaining in the world that were placed in May of 2000. I have set a goal to find a cache that was placed in October of 2003 to fill that blank spot in the middle of nowhere. After that I will have to start searching for some of the others, I will keep you posted. lol
 NOTE: Shortly after writing this I went and did a multi cache called Fort to Fort with caching friend Close Up Matt, which was published in October of 2003 to fill in that space!!
Although there are a lot of different numbers, I think the best number of all is the number of friends I have made through Geocaching!!! 

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Friday, 14 August 2015

Road Trip caching and Las Vegas trip


Road Trip '15

I'm still working on getting all the souvenirs for the Geocaching Road Trip '15 that started June 19 and runs until sept.2nd ( #GeocacheRoadTrip15 )
(Check out a previous "Blog" to get the beginning story, on the Road Trip '15 Caching)
The plan to get the D5 or a T5 was to go with another cacher out on Burnaby Lake to get the 5 caches in the lake that are all Terrain 5 caches. I arrived at the lake early, and went to the boat launch area and it was super busy as I pulled into the parking lot at 830am. They stopped me in the parking lot and said there was a rowing regatta going on and no one was allowed to enter the lake with any type of boat. I will have to go another time.
Well now what, I headed back home a bit depressed as I was looking forward to gaining the souvineer for getting a Terrain level 5(T5) or Difficult level 5(D5) cache as well as getting some lake caches. A few days later I decided to get up early and go grab a D5 cache that was a bit out of the way on my way to work. It was a chirp cache(A GPSr with chirp enabled technology is needed)
It wasn't as exciting as getting 5 lake caches but at least I got my souvenir. Will still be going for the lake caches at some time in the future.

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The second souvenir that came out was for going to an event, I was able to accomplish that shortly after the Extreme souvenir. It was a meet and greet event at a local ice cream shop. I wasn't able to stay too long but was able to meet a few new cachers.

Went out and got a few caches on the long weekend in August. I was able to get a challenge cache called 10 YEAR CHALLENGE where you need to find 10 years worth of Cache hides on your Jasmer chart. Popular in the United States, the Jasmer asks geocachers to find one cache hidden in every month since geocaching began in May 2000. As of today, that means finding 184 caches, 1 of each that was hidden each month since caching started. To give you a sense of the difficulty of this challenge, there are under 150 caches hidden in 2000 and only 3 that were hidden in May 2000(The month Geocaching was born) still enabled. I have not found all 184 months, but I have found over 11 years worth(169 months total). More about this chart in next months blog.
If you are confused by all the numbers in this blog, you should read next months blog for sure!!

After finding this one with no problem, other than having a fight with the blackberry bushes(they won, I knew sandals and shorts would not be to good) and also seeing very fresh Bear scat on the trail, I headed to get an Earthcache so I could get my 4th of 5 different souvenirs for the #RoadTrip15 challenge.
Earthcache Souvenir

Then I met up with fellow Magician Close Up Matt who just recently got started in geocaching to go and grab 6 other caches. Had a nice walk in a large wooded park and got to see an owl up close. Very Cool!!!
WHOOO are you Looking at??

VEGAS and MAGIC Live!!!!

Flew to Las Vegas for a large magic convention with about 1400 other Magicians, so thought while I was there I would grab some cool caches. Because of the busy schedule of the convention there was not much time to get away from the hotel. 

Went out to a small LPC(Lamp Post Cache) that was near the hotel on the first night at about 1am with Angelcheeks(my lovely wife Jenna) and another Magician friend who was interested in seeing what caching was all about. 

I got up early the next day and headed towards the strip. I walked about 3 km to the strip before finding my first cache. It was a virtual cache at the MGM Grand. I Found several virtual caches along the strip at different hotels and locations.
Siegfried and Roy
 Found a couple of traditional caches as well. I had planned to do a puzzle cache but it would have meant walking another 1.3km out of my way and then back again. In the heat (about 32C) that just did not sound like a necessary cache to get. 

I ended up travelling 8.8 km on foot in the hot dessert heat. After I got the last one I was after at the Flamingo hotel, I grabbed a cab and headed back to the Magic convention host hotel, "The Orleans." 
Grabbed a total of 2 Traditional caches and 7 Virtual caches in 3 hrs.

I saw a lot of interesting sites and cool things as well as doing some cool things such as ziplining 
thru Freemont St, and going in the High Roller(The High Roller in Las Vegas isn't your average Ferris wheel. There's nothing average about it. And it's not really a Ferris wheel; it's an observation wheel -- the biggest in the world at a staggering 550-feet-tall.
Yes, you read that right: 550 feet. That's nine feet taller than the Singapore Flyer and 107 feet taller than the London Eye. It currently holds the Guinness World Record for largest observation wheel.)

I also jumped off the stratosphere, at SkyJump Las Vegas.
Ready to leap!!
I did a similar jump several years ago in New Zealand, but this one is 200 feet taller at 855 feet above!!!

If you want to see the video of my jump check out Sky Jump at Stratosphere

I was also able to log a virtual cache while I was up at the top of the stratosphere.

Magic Live convention

Magic Live
YES, besides having fun, seeing shows, and Geocaching, the main reason I was there was for MAGIC Live 2015. The convention was 4 days of Magic, fun, and surprises. And being held in one of the funnest places in the states was just a bonus. There were many special guests and lots of well know magicians with the likes of David Copperfield even. I won't tell you too much about it other than to say it was an experience!!! And besides, you know what they say, "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"


Last Souvenir

 The day after getting back from Vegas, I went out and got a puzzle cache to get the Last(sorta) Souvenir. I decided to do a puzzle that I have been wanting to do for awhile that is actually inside a Library.

Puzzle cache

FINISHED the Road Trip 15!!!
After getting rewarded with the puzzle cache souvenir I received one last one for getting all 5!! Just an added bonus to say Hurray!!!


Getting the smiley

I hope you are enjoying reading about my travels, and if you are please feel free to comment, follow or share my blog, twitter, instagram, and youtube.


Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Friday, 10 July 2015

Flashbacks of where it all started!!

Facebook flashbacks

 Facebook has recently started doing a thing where they flashback to some of your memories that you posted in the past. It is called "On this Day" and basically its a look at your posts, or posts that you've been tagged in, on that specific day from last year and years beyond. This month at the beginning of the month some pictures from 5 years ago popped up, of our trip to Geowoodstock in Carnation, Washington and us going to the original stash cache, in Beaver Creek, Oregon(5 years ago in July) We also went and did the A.P.E. cache which is no longer around today. Plus we found the oldest cache I have ever found as of yet called "Iron Horse"

Since I had started blogging and writing about my adventures in July of 2012(3 years ago) I never got a chance to write about this adventure!!!

GCGV0P-Origanal Stash cache Plaque
The trip down was an excellent adventure in itself. Friends and fun was all it took.
We(Angelcheeks, C2C2C, Toby and Me, and I) did a bunch of caching along the way, but the real excitement came when we were less that a kilometre away on a windy road leading up to the cache that started it all. We were like little school kids heading out for a field trip. We got so excited knowing we were gonna go to, and touch the very spot where geocaching was born back on May 3rd, 2000

It was nice to travel down to the event and original cache with friends. We had a great time, and we also helped at the British Columbia Geocachers association booth while at the event. A couple years later I would become the Vice President of the B.C.G.A. and hold that term for 3 plus years.

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Out to find the A.P.E.

On the hunt for the A.P.E.

Tom(C2C2C) up to his armpit in the A.P.E. cache

This location was home to a Project APE cache, a cache hidden with permission for the Planet of the Apes Promotion in 2001. Moun10Bike and Jeremy(co-owner of Groundspeak) were the original covert placers of that cache, but Moun10Bike took over complete ownership. When that cache was placed, it contained a torch from the movie, as a prize for the FTF. This cache was the spot of one of the most revered geocaches in the world. It has been a veritable point of pilgrimage for Geocachers worldwide. Sadly it has since been stolen. We enjoyed the hike up the back side of the mountain(The Snoqualmie tunnel was closed at that time) but we would also return a couple years later to celebrate this cache and have the chance to walk thru the 3.7 km tunnel but you can read about that in one of my previous blogs

Geowoodstock VIII

Geowoodstock was our first Mega event that we would attend. It was an awesome time, and we even got to meet MTN-MAN which at the time was B.C.'s geocaching reviewer. There were many booths at the event, all kinds of geo-swag to buy and look at. There were food vendors and prizes all day long.

Jenna is a Travel Bug!!!

There was in excess of 4,000 people at this event, and it was run very smoothly. We had a great trip, a great bunch of caching, and an awesome event, and we were thankful to have done it with some great friends.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Caching souvenir's and Magic Awards

Geocaching Road Trip

Geocaching headquarters or Groundspeak as it is also known is always striving to put little extras into this game so people are able to elevate their fun to another level. This month they started a series of geocaching souvenir's called "Geocaching Road Trip"
The fun part comes when you have to decide what caches to get and when over the next three months to receive your different souvenir's. Each one is setup so you must do a different task for each.

Jun 19 - Sept 02 - Find a geocache with 10+ favorite points
July 03 - Sept 02 - Attend a geocaching event

July 17 - Sept 02 - Find a D5 or T5 cache
July 31 - Sept 02 - Find an Earthcache or attend a CITO
Aug 14 - Sept 02 - Find a mystery cache
Aug 14 - Sept 02 - (Special Reward) Collect all other Souvenirs before Sept 2nd

So far I have received the first one for finding a cache with 10 or more favorite points.
 It was a multi cache and you had to get info from a mural to get the co-ordinates for the final. Last month (before the road trip event started) I got a challenge cache, and when a caching friend saw I had logged it, he said if I had waited to find it in the middle of August I would have gotten three of the souvenir's for the one cache called "365 Shades of a Geocache Challenge". It was a puzzle cache with 10 plus favorites, and a Difficult level of 5. LOL!!! I have already decided on a T5 cache(or a few), an Earthcache, and a Mystery cache to get during the right dates.

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Magic Awards

So, I just recently won some more awards for my magic. A couple of competitions, and a couple of awards voted by my peers.
I recently got awarded the F.V.M.C. Variety Magician of the year, Childrens Entertainer of the Year, Showmanship award, and Creativity award, and that was just during one weekend....whew!!!

Creativity Award with
Mike Norden
Variety Magic Award with
Tony Chris (MC)

Showmanship Award with
Mike Norden
Children's Entertainer of the Year
with Mike Norden (MC)








I really enjoy competing as it helps me get creative and work on performing new things. The next competition I will compete in will be in November at P.C.A.M. (Pacific Coast Association of Magicians)

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Adventures and Challenges

Following the Skunk Tales!!!

I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago, to go and get some of the Skunk Tales caches. They are all puzzles and when they first came out I started working on them to solve them but had no luck. I had set them aside for the time being and thought I will work on them when I have more time(ya, who ever really gets more time???) A caching friend "The Pollywog" sent me a message saying he was gonna come over from the island to get as many as he could. He had them all solved and was wanting to grab some. I spent the day caching with him. It was a fun filled day and we found 9 of them(I believe there is 19 in total) I will one day soon go back and get the rest of them, plus there is some puzzles to complete within the puzzles. Very cool caches. Thanx again Paul for allowing me to come with you on the adventure!!!

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Up, Up, and Away!!!

This month I also took a trip to Alberta where I would stay in Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton. It was just me and my little boy again on the road, except this time we would fly and get a rental car when we arrived. I noticed there were many challenge caches(you must complete some form of requirements before being able to log them) in the Edmonton area so the plan was to get as many as possible as I have completed several different tasks that they were asking for. One of them had me searching for a specific cache here at home that was published on a specific date, which was tough as there was only a couple in the area, and the one I did was a puzzle. But I got it just days before I headed to Alberta!!!

In total while I was in Alberta for 8 days I found a total of 57 caches, 12 of which were challenge caches(I had planned to get 13 but just was not able to find the time for one of them) I also got 1 FTF while I was there, and a new icon on my stats page(More about that later in this blog)

Two of the challenge caches in particular were quite cool, one was called X-Delta Challenge where in order to complete this challenge, you must have found at least two caches on the same calendar day that are at least 1,000 km distant from each other in the east-west direction (x-vector) only. The latitude of the caches do not count, only the longitude.
The other was called Y-Delta Challenge and in order to complete this challenge, you must have found at least two caches on the same calendar day that are at least 2,000 km distant from each other in the north-south (y-vector) direction only.  The longitude of the caches do not count, only the latitude.
The cool part was that I completed both of these different challenges on the same day!!!
If you read one of my older blogs called Caching out of Country and Magic Banquets you will see that I flew to Florida for a show back in January 2014 and did some cool caches while there, but the really cool part was that I got a cache the morning before I flew back home in Orlando and later that day got one back in Vancouver. 2 caches on the same day over 4500kms apart, and 2 different countries.
Because Orlando is down on the North 28th and West 81st Parallels it is 2300km north-south and 4050km East-west which qualifies me for both these challenges using the same caches!!!

GPS Adventure Maze

About a month back some caching friends from Vancouver island Brett and Leifa AKA, The GO! Team, were in the Vancouver area and I got a chance to go grab some caches with them. We got talking and they said they were going to go to the GPS Adventure Maze that was in Edmonton right now.(It travels around the country) I asked when they were going and found out I would be there at the same time. We made a plan to meet up and go do it together. I already did it some years back at "The Best of the BAD" Mega event in the Drumheller, Alberta area, but was not able to log it as it was no longer an event, but it was still open for people to do it. (We missed logging it by a day)(this cache would give me a new icon, on my stats page)
On Sunday May 31st I met Brett and Leifa and we proceeded to head into the Maze(Basically it is a great introduction into the world of geocaching for new people that wish to find out more about it.)
Thanx again Brett and Leifa for allowing me to tag along!!!
Leifa, Brett, and I

Oliver and I ready for the maze

Oliver found the cache

You get to search for some caches in the maze as well as read, and do some cool stuff that is associated with Geocaching.

After doing the maze we hung out in the science centre and checked out some of the other exhibits. Oliver was amazed by the cool stuff in here.

Mmmmmm Tasty!!!

They had a body science exhibit, a science experiment lab, and a space exhibit. Very cool and interactive stuff. We eventually said goodbye to The GO! Team, and headed on our way back towards Fort Saskatchewan, but grabbed a few more caches on the way.

One of these was a challenge cache called "200 Consecutive Days of Caching"
I was able to log this one as I had previously did 400 consecutive days of caching from Jan. 1/13 till Feb 4/14
The last one I grabbed that evening on the way back to where I was staying was just a simple traditional cache called Box-O-Geoart. I found it very quickly but it would turn out to be a bit more challenging than I imagined. As you can see from the picture, it appeared to be a decent sized box with not even a lock on its hasp.
But when opened there was 48 little micro caches
with magnets on a blackboard made of metal. Inside one of them was the logbook. Now to find it.

 I ended up opening 43 of the 48 containers before finding the logbook. Yikes!!! I was then able to leave some artwork behind for the next cacher.

Magicman65 leaves his mark!!!
The following day I was planning on heading out to Elk Island Park and then to Jurassic Forest with my little guy. I awoke and noticed that a new cache was published in the area(Yes I set up notifications when and where I travel) It was out towards Elk Island park.....awesome!!! So we had some breakfast and headed out for the day, we grabbed a few caches on the way out, and then grabbed the new cache as a FTF!!!(First to Find) We then headed into the park.


Saw a few Buffalo on the way thru the park. Grabbed a couple of caches while in the park also. This guy was coming down the highway like he owned it. lol

We then headed to Jurassic forest where they have very large animatronic dinosaurs. Very cool technology as they come alive as you walk along the boardwalk.
After leaving the forest we made our way towards Edmonton for supper. We passed thru a little town called Bon Accord where I have performed several times at a bar/night club when I used to live in Edmonton. We grabbed a cool cache in town near the skating rink. Not sure if this kind of cache would get published in BC as you can see by the pics (Bit of a spoiler if you ever are there to do this one, sorry)

As you can see it is in a very dangerous spot, but it did have a tag on the side with the GC number on it to identify where the cache was.

The following morning it was raining so we decided to head to West Edmonton Mall to shop and go to the waterpark. Oliver loves waterparks!!! We had a great time and bought a few things while there, and then headed back to Fort Saskatchewan.
The next day we hung around town and grabbed a few local caches, one was called Lamoreux Letters
which was a Letterbox cache. (Letterbox cache is another form of treasure hunting that uses clues instead of coordinates) I had already came by this one a couple days before but could not see it, so I emailed the Cache owner to see if I was doing something wrong. They gave me a bit of a hint in the right direction. The cache page said go to a specific Landmark, reset your trip odometer and travel down the road 2.05km. I used my GPS and set a waypoint at the Landmark and went 2.05km. But on a GPS the distance is "As the crow fly's" or better known as a straight line from A to B!!! However the road had a couple of slight turns in it making the travel by car distance different than GPS distance. DOHHHH!!! Met up with a couple other cachers while on this road also.
Lamoreux Letters

There was three challenges that I got, that all had similar requirements to log it,
End of the world challenge and 100 in a day challenge and Geocaching 101 Challenge
Basically with all of them you had to have found 100 caches in one day. Since Jenna(Angelcheeks) and I did a day of caching where we found 200 caches, I was qualified to log all three of these caches.

We did a cache called Railroad Service in Fort Sask. which was at the Old Railway station. This is now a museum/visitors centre. When I lived here several years ago this was an active train station, now the trains bypass the city of Fort Saskatchewan.

The last day here we headed out and grabbed a few caches on route to the airport including one earthcache called Alberta's Leduc #1

This was the last cache we would grab before heading off to the airport to fly back home. with 730KM on the rental car, it was a great trip with my little boy, and we had a lot of fun. What will my next adventure bring???

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill