Thursday, 19 April 2018

Day trips and Magic

Bellingham April 15/18

Today I went to Bellingham, Washington with another caching friend to do some caching.
I got a total of only 19 caches but the main goal was to get 7 or 8 different Icons.
We first got a traditional cache (we would get a few more as well) then we went to a virtual cache but I had already got it a few years back on a trip thru town. We hit up a cool puzzle called "sushi.glue.sides" I had no idea on this puzzle when I looked at it originally but my caching partner knew exactly what to do and I am now armed with the app for this kind of technology.

We then did a very cool Wherigo called State of the Solar System
It was a nice walk as the sun was out and the cool thing was this week groundspeak was giving out souvenir's for the solar system, so this was the perfect cache to get.

The Sun on a sunny day!!

After the nice walk and stopping in a shop or two along the way, we headed over to the University of Christi where there is a webcam cache. I have already done this cache a few months back on a trip down to Seattle. But it was the first webcam cache for my friend.
At the fountain

Next we grabbed a multicache, followed by a very cool letterbox cache called "Geo Post Office and TB Transfer Station"
It was a locked cabinet on the side of a garage and was very well organized as you can see by the pics.

Awesome cache and definitely a reason why it has 245 favorite points.
Next we did another puzzle but this one was a challenge cache called "An Uber Icon Day Challenge Washington State"
I have done 7 icons in a day already here in Washington state on October 14/17 but I also completed another 7 icon day during this trip. We also found a benchmark while here also which gave us bonus points.
We then headed east of town to grab another Virtual since I had already found the previous one. It was called "Triplin' the Rock Fantastic"

It was in a park and had a ton of very cool sculptures. We spent a good 30 mins just wandering thru looking at all the artwork, and sculptures. Check out the map and some other pics at this "Link"

We then went nearby to grab an earthcache with some waterfalls. Very cool stone bridge.

We then headed back into town where we found a couple of benchmarks to complete our Icon finding day and then stopped by a local pub for some food and refreshment to celebrate our finds. Then we headed toward home and grabbed several traditional caches and another letterbox on route. All in all an awesome day of caching and fun!!!

FVMC Bombs Away Magic Competition

I performed last night in the Fraser Valley Magic Circle "Bombs Away" competition
This is where the Fraser Valley Magic Circle members dig out a routine / prop / trick that they own but have NEVER PERFORMED it before for any audience!

The person that does the best job - based on a panel of experts AND the audience will be crowned the winner! And guess who brought home the trophy!!

Bombs away trophy

Well, that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

Monday, 12 February 2018

Alberta trip and the New Year!!

Fort Saskatchewan (Dec 25-Jan 1)

For the last few years that I have been going to Fort Saskatchewan, the town I grew up in, I have tried to get a cache at the Fort water tower called "Landmark 1956", but have always came up empty. This trip in -30C weather, I finally found it.

I also got a cool Lamppost cache while in town called "100 Ave Cache"
Usually most lamppost caches are a switch plate or the skirt at the bottom, which I have found many of these kind, but as you can see by the pics, this one was a bit different!! Very Clever!!
Check out the 3 pics below:

I also grabbed a cool cache called "Jorunn's Hide"

Can you see it??

Can you see it now??

How about now??

When I travel, I always like to seek out Challenge caches or other cool caches. Went and signed a challenge cache called Top 10 Challenge Cache when I was in Edmonton. If you look at my top 10 cache list in the pic below, you will notice one called Gold Star-Graduation Day "Foundations"
To get this cache, you need to do 10 other puzzle cache in the series to get the co-ords for it. So my top 10 caches, is more like 20 caches to complete. lol

Also while in Alberta, I got my Last day of the year souvenir!!

And back in BC the next day, on the way home from the Airport, I got my New years day souvenir!!

Cacheduino adventure

This cache has been on my watch list for some time as it is one of the top 10 favorite caches within 20 km of my location. I did one like this back years ago when I lived in Courtenay, over on the island. You retrieve the box, which is the actual cache but it is locked. You have to get it to the right destination so it will open. Sounds weird, I know...when you press the button on the box, a screen read something like "4.57 KM away" but no other info, no direction at all. You have to make some calculated guesses and have a little luck on your side. I was hoping to grab it sometime back, and messaged the cacher who had the TB tag at that time, which you need as it has the location of where to get the cache box from. The cache was shortly disabled after that. I then waited and watched the cache page until it was up and running again. I kept missing the TB tag, so I did the next best thing and messaged Skinaglow60, the cacher who had retrieved the TB tag with the info as to where the cache box was located. She had already gone and picked it up. We figured out a time that was best for both of us to meet up, chatted for some time over coffee, and then headed out for an adventure. We enjoyed each others company and we even grabbed a few more caches on the journey. I was glad to get this cache off my list and in the process I have gained a new friend. Thanx again to Skinaglow60 for allowing me to tag along, we will have to get together again soon.
The cache box open!!!

Latest FTF

I got a notification for a new cache the other day so I headed out to grab it. Got the FTF and then after getting back home I got a call from the Port Moody Police. Someone must have spotted me putting it back and called them. One of the Officers went and retrieved the cache and took it to the police station. My licence plate was recorded, so he called me to ask what I was putting on the sign. lol. After explaining, and he knows what caching is, he said he will go put it back. Too funny!! He said he may sign it before he puts it back.

Magic Awards Night

The Fraser Valley Magic Circle had their awards banquet the other night, and they have some cool looking awards. As a complete surprise I won the "Celeste Evans" Magician of the Year Award!!

Well, that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Christmas Shows and caching

Christmas shows and Caching

Dec 9th
Today I headed to Campbell River over on Vancouver Island for a show, and I grabbed several caches including two that I talked about getting in my last blog. The Virtual in Royston, and "Steely D(M)an"

Dec 14th-16th
I headed out today to do 4 shows in the next three days. There will be about 24-26 hours of driving between shows, so I figured, may as well cache!!! On my way to my 2nd show in Castlegar, I stopped at a place that I stop almost every time I am coming into Osoyoos. Spotted Lake!!!
I have already got the cache that is here as well as the earthcache. I did a cache just up the road from the lake called "STUCK Climbing to the Kobau Lookout"
The funny thing is this is where the sign with the info (pic below) for the Lake is located, which is about 2 km away from the lake. I'm certain there used to be a sign right at the lake years ago when I got the Earthcache.

Spotted Lake

Got into Osoyoos and stopped for another cache near Osoyoos lake and noticed this impromptu Ice Sculpture!!

Up the highway I stopped to grab another cache called The Colors of our Valley "Osoyoos"
Here you could overlook the Lake and the town below.

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A short distance further, I stopped to find a cache called "Cougar Cache"
As you can see by the pic it is named appropriately. lol
Cougar Cache

Out of country FTF's

Before heading out on any trip I always look to see if there are any newly published caches that have not been found yet on the route I am taking. I noticed 2 in the direction I was going but they were just below the border in Danville, Washington. On my way to Castlegar I swung down below the border around Grand Forks to grab a couple of FTF's called "Danville Trailhead" and "Overlooking Danville"

These 2 First to Find's bring my yearly total of FTF's to 9, bringing my total to 363 FTF's. I may get another before the end of the year but I am heading to Alberta in a couple of days on Christmas so its unlikely. A far away number from the 112 FTF's found in 2010 (that's like 1 every 3 days, wow)
Anyway as the year comes to an end, I just would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!!!

Well, that's it for this month, and this year......
Keep on caching, and see you in the New Year
Chris Yuill

Monday, 4 December 2017

Magic and caching trips!!!

Victoria trip for the 3 of Clubs Convention

Only managed to grab one challenge cache called "Night Games Challenge" while over on the island. You had to have found at least 10 Night Caches. I have found 24 in total. I still remember doing my 1st Night Cache in Courtenay.


Got an FTF called "1-UP" the other day. When it popped up as a new multi cache, it said it was just under 3KM away, so I got ready fast and headed out the door. As I was heading there, I realized it was further away than what my email said. I kept going anyway and when I got to the benchmark with the info, I worked it out as quick as I could. I put it into my phone app as a waypoint and it said it was 60km away.....whoooa!! I assumed I did something wrong so I looked at it again and realized the puzzle info was possibly wrong. I changed one of the numbers to make more sense, since it said it was just a short distance away. Plugged the new Co-ords into the geochecker, and got a thumbs up!!

After finding it, and realizing we were the First to find, we played with the huge leaves that were all over the trail.
I contacted the CO after me and my little guy made the find to let him know there may be a mistake. He quickly changed it, to make it work. When I got home, I checked my notification list and realized I have not changed the co-ords to my new address. All fixed now.

Vancouver Island Magic show
I am headed to Campbell River this coming weekend, and plan on heading over early so I can grab a few caches along the way. One cache I really want to get is "Royston Wrecks"
I used to live in Courtenay for about 3 years and have done several caches near this location. This "New Virtual" is one of the 4000 that where given to specific hiders, so they could place a Virtual.
Another cache I plan on grabbing is "Steely Dan"
Have passed by him several times when I used to live up that way. This time I plan on saying hi!!! And grabbing the cache!!!

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Getting ready for some upcoming trips for shows in December, and I will be doing some caching along the way. Also headed for Alberta at the end of the year during Christmas, and have already planned which caches I will go for. (as long as there is not to much snow)

Well, that's it for this month......
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Friday, 27 October 2017

Seattle trip

I headed to Seattle a couple weekends ago. Planned on doing some more unusual caches plus was gonna try to get 8 different icons. (Beating my previous record of 7 different icons in a day) Took a friend of mine with me.(Non cacher) But he enjoyed helping me find caches and was interested in it. He also went to a cache with me in Las Vegas a couple months ago, while we were there for the Magic Live Convention.

The morning looked good, as I quickly got the Webcam Cache, and the puzzle cache out of the way in Bellingham. I wanted to get a Multi while here but it was in a building so it was too early. Got into Seattle, and quickly grabbed a Letterbox, which was HQGT: Geo Post Office part of Groundspeaks geo tour. We then grabbed a challenge cache(puzzle) and a Multi. We then stopped for a bite to eat and went to try a nearby Wherigo. I was not having much luck as I was unsure as to how to play this one. We moved on.

Kerry Veiwpoint Park
We then swung by a couple of Virtual caches, the first one was at a park, and we could see the Space Needle in the distance (photo below) which is where we headed next.
At the Seattle Space Needle, I got the second Virtual which was at the base of it, and also one of the New virtual's which I talked about in last months blog.
We browsed the gift shop and then on our way.

"Those are some big Nuts!!"
We made a stop at Leroy's Suit store which is why I was coming down here in the first place, got what I wanted and then some, and then we headed off to Pikes Place Market.
MMMMM Yummy!!
No visit to Seattle is complete until you visit the famous Seattle Gum Wall. Since Glen had never seen it, I had to take him there. There used to be a cache there, which I have already found, but I believe, It has been removed until more gum accumulates as they just cleaned the walls a few months back. But as you can see by my pic above, it will get filled in no time!!

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On the way home I got another challenge cache which you needed to have at least 100 months filled on your jasmer calendar.

(The Jasmer Challenge requires you to find at least one cache placed every month since Geocaching was invented, in May 2000. This is difficult, as some geographic areas are missing some of the earliest caching months; the full Jasmer challenge may require you to travel significantly from your home location, Therefore, many cachers have created "mini Jasmer challenges" which require you to only find one cache placed during each month of a specific year, i.e. you must find a cache placed during each month of the year 2002.)

As you can see by my Jasmer calendar I have found caches placed on 197 out of 210 months since caching started.

On route home we stopped by this river to get an earthcache. An Erratic!! We then stopped at a rest area to grab one last cache which was a traditional.

I only got 7 different icons this day instead of the 8, possibly 9 (There was an event in Seattle) I was trying for, but still a fun day and had some great company for the trip as well!! The 8 or 9 icon day will have to happen down the road. (#Roadtrip)

Also got an earthcache on International Earthcache day back on October 8th, called mcmillan/brae the evolution of an island, it was out in Fort Langley.

I love doing challenge caches, as you can see by my recent trip to Seattle, I even made sure to get a couple, while there. This is the map of all the nearby challenge caches in my area

I think my next challenge will be to find a cache I need to fill in my Alphanumeric Cache Names, and Alphanumeric Cacher Names.

Just getting packed and ready to head to Victoria on the island for the weekend for a small Magic convention. Will grab a few challenge caches while over there. Well that's it for this month!!

Signal the Frog and I at an event years ago!!

Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Day trips and Magic

Bellingham April 15/18 Today I went to Bellingham, Washington with another caching friend to do some caching. I got a total of only 19...