Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cool caches and cool places!!!


I have been grabbing some interesting caches in the last few months since my last blog.

Mile Marker

 This cache was at a Mile marker in Langley. These cement markers, at one point where painted a bright yellow, and it ticked off mile after mile of Fraser Highway, reminding people how far they had come, and warning them how far they had to go. But time and development soon took over, and the cement mile markers were lost - their purpose no longer useful. Those that still stand are now grey in colour, their paint faded, some taken over by bush, or sunken into ditches. The markers were originally put in place when the highway was built in 1931. Mile zero was the main post office in Vancouver. The measurements ran east, along Kingsway and eventually crossed the Fraser River. The first post was installed, on the south side of the river, no sign of any surviving markers in Surrey. Just the five markers from mile 30 to 35 have been located.

I have also been doing a bit of travelling(and caching)

We recently went to Alberta for a quick trip to visit with my family. I flew into Edmonton to meet up with my wife(Angelcheeks) who had driven to Alberta the week before.

We stayed in Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan which is where I grew up. We even grabbed a cache in the RCMP Centennial Park


This park is just across the road from the townhouse complex that I grew up in. I actually watched them build these three towers in 1974 to mark this entrance way to the park and the centennial year of the RCMP. When we moved from Ontario to Alberta, this was where we first lived. I was in grade three(some years ago)

Jasper National Park
On the trip back home we went thru Jasper and saw quite a bit of wildlife this time(last time thru here we did not even see so much as a squirrel)

Big Horn Sheep

Elk playing on the bluff

We had a discussion in the truck about the difference between Big Horn Sheep and Rocky Mountain Goats. I pointed out that the Big Horn Sheep look like goats, while the Rocky mountain goats are white and fuzzy and look like sheep!!!
PS Yes that is snow!!!

I have also been over on the sunshine coast for work for a few weeks, and have gotten a few cool caches while there. Also seen a lot of cool things while caching.

Nice boat!!
Beach access

Can you spot the cache??
I DID!!!!

Did a couple of caches near home last night with my wife Angelcheeks, our little guy and the geo dog. She went up to the area of one of the caches and thought there is no way this can be it as it seemed real, looked around and then let me try my luck. When I got to the object I gave it a shove and realized this is it. A very cool cache indeed.
 Cool Boulder Cache
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See ya next month
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

Monday, 10 February 2014

Caching out of country and Magic banquets


Society of American Magicians Annual Banquet

This year we(5 guys from the Victoria Magic Circle) were chosen to go to Vancouver and put on a show for the S.A.M. annual banquet, and they would return the favour by sending some of their guys to entertain at our banquet. It was a great night and I got to perform with four of my great friends whom I admire. It was a great night with a 9 course Chinese meal, some great close up magic, awards, and stage show.
Thanks again to the organizing committee of S.A.M. for treating us like royalty and for the awesome banquet.


S.A.M. Annual Banquet

Five cool dudes!!!

Victoria Magic Circle Annual Banquet

This years Victoria Magic circle annual banquet would prove to be more awesome than I could have imagined. Even though I am living over on the mainland now I am still a member of the Victoria group. So I did as I usually do and volunteered to do close up again at the banquet as well as this year I volunteered to be stage captain.(Run the sound, help set up the stage, lighting, etc.) I was to meet Eric(the banquet coordinator, and very good friend) I arrived at the venue at 12:45 ready to help set up for the 6pm banquet. Shortly after Eric showed up and we got to work(we have always made a good team) We got all the tables arranged and ready and then the sound and backdrops for the stage showed up.(they were being loaned to us by our good friend Tony from Vancouver)

Doing some close up

The banquet was going as planned and was awesome. Then Eric and VMC President Steve, took the stage for the award ceremonies. This year 2 of our senior members received a lifetime membership with the VMC and they were awarded some cool trophy's. Next up was the Farquhar award which is the VMC's Magician of the year award. 
This trophy was donated to the Victoria Magic Circle in 1985 by Bill Farquhar for presentation annually to the Victoria Magic Circle magician who during the year made an exceptional contribution to meeting the objectives of the Club and whose magic activities outside the Victoria Magic Circle brought credit to magicians and the Art of Magic. Selection for this award will be by vote of members of the VMC in good standing.  
As I sat at the sound booth Eric started to talk about the winner, at one point during his speech I started to get goose bumps. I believe he is talking about me. Then my name is announced...OMG....I could not believe what I just heard. I am still in awe over winning this very prestigious award. I also wish to thank all the VMC members that voted for me.

Eric and Steve present me the award

Victoria Magician of the Year 2013

Caching 400 days in a row

When 2014 rolled around I decided to set the goal from 365 caching days (which I started on Jan.1st/13) in a row to 400 caching days. Glad to say I accomplished this goal. Time to set another goal I guess???

Caching out of town

So far 2014 has been producing quite a few shows for me. The best so far was the show I did in Florida. It was a quick trip across the country and back just for the show, but of course I was able to get some caching in as well. Some really cool caches there, and since I was still doing at least a cache a day I made sure to make time for some cool caches


The first cache I stopped for was listed as a 4.5/2 and from reading the logs it sounded like it was easy to find but difficult to retrieve.
When I arrived at GZ I was in a parking lot at a little barricade island with some trees and bushes on it. In the middle was a metal square tube sticking up from out of the ground. I grabbed my flashlight and looked down it and could see the familiar orange waterproof match container. There was no sticks of any sort nearby. I looked in the rental car thru my stuff to see if there was anything I could use. I could not find anything. There was a store nearby, so I went in as I needed to get some stuff for my show that night anyway. While I was in there I noticed wooden rulers on sale for less than a buck a piece. I bought 5 of them and some duct tape. Outside back at the cache I taped them together, put a rolled up bit of tape on the end and lowered it into the hole. Within seconds I had the cache in hand and quickly signed it.



Very cool trees in Florida

     Can you see the Cache???

I DID!!!                  

Was a quick trip, but had to get home for my next adventure. I got a cache the morning before I flew back home in Orlando and later that day got one back in Vancouver.
2 caches on the same day over 4500kms apart, and 2 different countries. Very cool!!!

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See ya next month
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bye Bye 2013, hello 2014!!!

A quick blog to end the year!!!

So this is the last day of the year....and also the last day of my caching commitment I made on January 1st of this year. The goal was to get at least a cache a day for the year of 2013.
Well I can gladly say that I persevered and attained that goal.
365 days, 1051 caches, some easy, some not so easy and some even difficult!!!
Many days it was tough, especially with life getting in the way. This year had me finding a new job which took me away from my family, we also moved from Vancouver Island to the mainland, and we were also busy with our little guy growing up and becoming more of a toddler.
But in all that went on, it was a great year as I look back on it. Having an awesome wife sure helped, as it was her many times that kept our plans in motion.

Until next year,
Keep caching
and have an
Awesome New Year!!!

Chris Yuill

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Magic Convention, Space event and of course....Caching!!!

These last few months were quite busy as we were in the middle of getting ready to move from Vancouver Island over to the mainland, I also attended some geo-events and a magic convention.

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Three of Clubs Magic convention:

What a great convention. This convention takes place in one of three city's each year, hosted by the respective magic club.(Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver- Hence the name "The Three of Clubs")
Last year I was the VP of the Victoria magic circle and we hosted the Convention. Myself and 6 others were on the organizing committee and we were in charge of running the convention and making sure everyone attending has a terrific time.
This year it was in Vancouver and since I am moving over this way I volunteered to help run things.
I was one of the guys that helped keep the convention running smoothly( well almost smooth). I ran the sound and camera for the shows, speakers, lecturers, and special guests. Everyone had a great time and it was one of the best "Three of Clubs" conventions ever.



This is the Space event that myself and 80plus other cachers attended:

A travel bug was being taken up to space by a teacher as a classroom project.
Yup its true!!! A Geocaching Travel Bug is hitching a ride with astronaut Rick Mastracchio straight to the International Space Station. The mission was to launch from Kazakhstan at 4:08 GMT on November 7, which is November 6 at 8:08 p.m. here in the Lower Mainland. The TB is now up in space. Very Cool!!!

Still maintaining my cache a day commitment. I'm still going on day 349, just 16 more till the end of the year. I always take lots of photos while I am caching. Here are just a few.


I have been working in Langley area, and it seems there is a couple of different Tree climbing cache series. I have grabbed quite a few after work, some have been easy, others were a bit harder. Although I was able to climb one of them up about 30-40 feet, I came to one that was closer to the ground but the tree was such a shape that I could just not get started up it. But as it just so happens, I had something on the truck that was able to help me as you will see in the pic. Hey, I saw no rule saying these could not be used. LOL!!!
The Easy way to climb!!

 This one was fairly easy to climb but quite high up, I was not even sure I was in the right tree until I was up about 35 feet and spotted the cache container.
I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and an awesome New Year!!! 


See ya next YEAR!!!
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Souvineers and Geo101 events

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Hello fellow cachers and blog followers....

So here we are almost at the end of the year, and I have not gotten this blog out at the time I wanted to as we have been very busy. We are in the process of moving again...this time to the mainland. 

I made a commitment to grab at least a cache a day on Jan 1st after finding 12 that day. There were times that it was tough(rainy days, work, life, etc)but as of writing this I am still going strong.
(day 307) I have grabbed quite a few at 5 in the morning on the way to work just to make sure I have one. Lol.
After looking at my stats recently, I decided to up my challenge...Instead of just the year long caching streak, I decided I want to break 1000 caches for the year 2013. I started doing as many caches as I could each day to bump up my numbers and as of right now as long as I get at least 1.8 caches per day till the end of the year I will hit it. The other morning on the way to work I got 7 caches between 4:30 and arriving to work.(Not an obsession at all. lol)

Int. caching day
August rolled around and Groundspeak was giving out souvineers (virtual peices of art work for doing specific things....)for every day of the month. While some people made a decision to get a cache a day for august I was already in motion so it was sort of a no-brainer for me to get them all. On aug17th I actually received 3 souvenirs.
Block Party

Groundspeak HQ


Had to go to Whistler for work and while I was there I found some very cool cache sites. (after all that is what caching is all about...where it takes you and the people that you meet!!!!)



 Found a few cool caches in and around Vancouver and over on the sunshine coast as well.




 Can you spot the caches...I did!!!

Last month I helped organize a Geo101 event in Victoria, and spoke to everyone on behalf of the BCGA.
Landsharkz, Soobaxm, The Incredibles, Barbatlarge, krisandtim, and the rest of the team did an awesome job and made it a great event for all who attended. The weather was awesome and a lot of newbies got to go caching nearby. I gave some helpful tips and discussed some of the new policies in BC.
Also as BCGA Vice President I was privy to an early announcement of the upcoming mega event on Vancouver Island "earthcache" coming in August 2014

Sounds as if it will be larger than last years mega that was held at the same location. (Island spirit)
Looking forward to coming back to the island for this event!!!

Came across this cool site for putting some stats on your profile page if you wish, plus it helps figure things out when you do some of those challenge caches.

Also found this list that compiles 100 things that should or will happen to you as a cacher at one point or another, whether you like it or not. How many can you check off?
  1. Log a multi cache.
  2. Become FTF.
  3. Hide your own cache.
  4. Log your 100th find.
  5. Buy geocaching stuff online.
  6. Think “this would make an excellent hiding spot” on your way to work or school.
  7. Geocache on your vacation, to the horror of the rest of the family.
  8. Cache abroad.
  9. Participate in an event.
  10. Listen to a podcast about geocaching.
  11. Upgrade to a new GPS.
  12. Download GSAK.
  13. Go geocaching in a group.
  14. Log a mystery.
  15. Cache in the dark.
  16. Phone a friend to get help finding a cache.
  17. Get lost.
  18. Log a traditional.
  19. Organize an event.
  20. Walk the birds’ path even if it’s not the most suitable one.
  21. Use a flashlight while searching for a cache.
  22. Move a TB or a coin.
  23. Buy and send your own TB or coin.
  24. Have a pre-packed geocaching bag.
  25. Randomly meet another geocacher.
  26. Drop your GPS in the water.
  27. Log the wrong date online.
  28. Log a DNF.
  29. Drive on a private road.
  30. Visit
  31. Miss your favorite TV show to log a cache.
  32. Google “geocaching” out of boredom.
  33. Say or think “only one more cache”.
  34. Have a dream about geocaching.
  35. Register in a local or national geocaching organization.
  36. Have your photo taken while up in a tree.
  37. Geocache in a metropolis.
  38. Buy a lock n’ lock container.
  39. Hope for an update/new feature on (or other similar website).
  40. Log a webcam cache.
  41. Brag about a geocaching achievement.
  42. Get weird looks from muggles.
  43. Get stopped by the police.
  44. Have a special music playlist for geocaching trips.
  45. Stare for ages at a physical map.
  46. Do something physical you would otherwise never have done.
  47. Pick up trash while geocaching (CITO).
  48. Stand right next to a cache without seeing it.
  49. Park where you shouldn’t park.
  50. Log an earth cache.
  51. Film a geocaching adventure with a video camera.
  52. Have the phone number of another geocacher in your cell phone.
  53. Upload a photo to
  54. Search online for a cache of a specific difficulty.
  55. Become surprised when darkness falls.
  56. Try to place a cache that gets denied by a reviewer.
  57. Blog about geocaching.
  58. Ask a newbie question about geocaching on a forum.
  59. Write a cache description in a foreign language.
  60. Explain geocaching to a muggle.
  61. Download something related to geocaching.
  62. Become wet during a search.
  63. Write the wrong date in a physical log.
  64. Read about geocaching in a newspaper or magazine.
  65. Log your 1000th cache.
  66. Think “what the heck am I doing here?”
  67. Accept a challenge related to geocaching.
  68. Become FTF for the 10th time.
  69. Log DNF three times in a row.
  70. Participate in a CITO-event.
  71. Wish that your GPS device was better.
  72. Find something really fun in a geocache.
  73. Have a bad GPS reception.
  74. Run out of batteries at an unsuitable moment.
  75. Wish that you could be out geocaching, when you’re stuck with something else.
  76. Log a cache that would not be possible to take without the help of someone else.
  77. Bring a friend for a geocaching trip.
  78. Trade up a cache, meaning to leave something of greater value than what you take.
  79. Log a cache in a cache bomb.
  80. Log all caches in a cache bomb.
  81. Criticize a fellow geocacher.
  82. Log at least 10 caches in a day.
  83. Attempt a 5/5.
  84. Complain that people don’t put the cache back at its original location.
  85. Not put a cache back at its original location.
  86. Complain about bad coordinates.
  87. Pretend to tie your shoes to avoid muggles.
  88. Tell a friend about geocaching.
  89. Fix a damaged cache that belongs to someone else.
  90. Become thrilled about an e-mail from
  91. Applaud another geocacher.
  92. Be annoyed by all the trash in caches and then place something useless yourself.
  93. Lose your GPS.
  94. Geocache together with children.
  95. Take a break of over a month.
  96. Tease someone who can’t find a cache that you have already found.
  97. Forget to log a cache online.
  98. Log a cache in a cave.
  99. Log a letterbox cache.
  100. Complete everything on this list.
I have not done 26 thankfully!!
Did 36(but no one to take pic)
Have not done 44 or 59 or 85, 98 and 100
Doing 57 as we speak!!!
93...My wife angelcheeks
97 read blog "A cache a day"

This coming month is a busy one as I will be attending and helping at the "Tri-City Three of Clubs Magic Convention" and also.....“WE’RE GOING TO SPACE!”

Yeah! A Geocaching Travel Bug is hitching a ride with astronaut Rick Mastracchio straight to the International Space Station. The mission is currently scheduled to launch from Kazakhstan at 4:08 GMT on November 7, which is November 6 at 8:08 p.m. here in the Lower Mainland.

To celebrate this special event there are several events happening all over the world. I will be attending one in the Vancouver area, but more about those two events next month.

See ya next month
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill