Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bike caching and magic

Sunny Days

Now that the nicer weather has been upon us we have been doing a fair bit of bike caching. We did some trails in the Pitt Meadows area. One day my little guy and I went on a 6.8km bike ride and got 14 caches and Angelcheeks, my little guy, and I rode 11.8km the next day and got 24 caches.
My little guy and I went out one sunny afternoon for a nice little walk to grab some caches in the Port Coquitlam area, one was a Puzzle cache called SEARCH and RESCUE. It was more of a multi as you had to visit 3 different waypoints to get the co-ords for the final spot. After we visited all three waypoints and had all the info, I put the co-ords into my GPS'r and started heading to it. As we approached the area, I thought that's weird that its near the same spot as another cache we got at the entrance on the way into the park. Then I noticed I had hit the button for the co-ords of that cache. Oooops, had to turn around and head back into the park, oh well!!! We still had fun.

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Caching A to Z!!!

I started a new challenge cache on Feb 6th called Puzzle Masters Challenge: Alphabet Soup, where you have to state your intention with a log, to do the challenge and start from that point on, unlike most challenges where you can use your past caches. The challenge is to Find and log 13 puzzle caches and 13 traditional caches.....each one beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. The other day my little guy and I went out and got three caches that I needed to almost finish up the challenge. I still needed caches that started with the letters "Y, U' and K." They were all in the same area so it was relatively easy to grab all three. Today(April 20th) I only needed one more cache for the challenge cache. I needed a puzzle that started with a specific letter. The cache "Gotta Cache Em All!" was the closest to me.
I had completed this puzzle some time back, and as I had a day off, I thought I would go for a bike ride and grab this one. I came in from the opposite end of the trail down at the other end of the trail. Was not sure if I was gonna get there with my bike, as it was rough terrain and all uphill. I had to walk most of the way, and was not even sure if I was on the right trail. But I did not give up and have now completed another challenge!!!

Another Magic Competition

I competed recently in another magic competition called A.C.E. which stands for Awesome Children's Entertainer. This competition was for the "Children's Magician of the Year" award.

There was several great acts but as you can see by the pic, I came out on top. It was a great turnout at Jesse Lee Elementary school of about 100 kids, parents, and teachers. They were very thrilled as there was 9 of us magicians performing, and they got an awesome show.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Sunday, 27 March 2016

March caching

Bike Caching

A friend of ours from the Island(paulboy) sent us a message and said he was planning to come over and bike the Seymour Valley Trail and grab a bunch of caches. He asked if we wanted to join him. We (angelcheeks and I) met up with him at the parking lot at the start of the trail at 8:30am to head out on what would become an adventure. We were just heading to the 6th cache of the day when Paulboy jumped off his bike and broke his foot. We said we should head back, but he wanted to continue on. Well as much as I thought we should head back, we headed further up the trail. The trail in was mostly paved and there was a series of 50 caches called LSCR-SVT which stands for "Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve- Seymour Valley Trail." There was a few other caches mixed in the series that were there before the series was placed.

Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve is a 5,668-hectare forest located just minutes from downtown Vancouver. It is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, and in-line skating. This spectacular and diverse landscape contains alpine meadows, forested slopes and river flood plains.
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At the top end of the trail was the "Pot of Gold". Ok, it was just a cache called "Pot of Gold" lol
We crossed the bridge to get to the other side of Seymour river. We also grabbed a challenge cache called BC Milestone Challenge-1000 finds

After getting to the top end of the trails it was time to head back down toward the parking lot.
On the way back we would be able to do a couple different series of caches, the first was called ESSR which was a series of 11 caches on a logging road. At about the 4th one of these we came across a baby bear. We eventually scared it off so we could get past it before momma bear came along. We got a few other caches as well through here such as "Bigfoot the Tree" which is a massive red cedar located close to Seymour Falls Dam in North Vancouver.
We also found Lost Lake cache which had many DNF's on it and previous cachers thought it should be archived.

Cool spotted rock

We then crossed back over the river to do the last series called "Fishermans Trail" which had 17 in the series. We then completed it up with a few more caches to get us back to the parking lot.
By 5pm, 8 and a half hours later of biking and pushing bikes up hills, about 29.5 Km, 88 caches, 1 bear encounter, 1 cacher with a broken foot, and some stories, and fun, we were all finished what we set out to do. Off to the hospital to get Paul's foot looked at and then home for a well deserved supper and a beer!!!

Cool Caches

I was part of a group FTF last week on an awesome cache called Midvale Meanies Mundy Micro. I want to post a picture but that would just spoil the cache. My recommendation would be if you have not found this cache already, you should go get it!!!

I am continuing to gather caches to complete the Puzzle Masters Challenge: Alphabet soup Challenge cache that I started in early February. I am just letting it happen so not sure when I will complete it. I just need 5 more puzzle caches starting with the right letters to complete it.

More Magic Competitions
Also this month I competed in the Vancouver Magic Circle's Comedy Magic competition, with an act that I created several years ago but do not use in my regular act. As you can see by the photo, I won and am the Comedy Magician of the year!!
Comedy Magician of the Year

Blender and Lime routine

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Leap year!!!

Leap day Caching and Events

From the Blog: Once every four years, Leap Day gives us one extra day of geocaching. We think that’s worth celebrating! Of course, we are marking the occasion with a new souvenir. Heck, there will even be two souvenirs. Souvenirs are digital awards you can earn by completing a specific geocaching achievement, like finding a geocache in a new country or finding a geocache on Leap Day.

Groundspeak has 2 new Souvenir's to celebrate the Leap Year. The first one is for getting a traditional cache anytime between Feb 27 and Feb 29(Leap day), and The second one is for attending
any event on Feb 29th. I attended Leap day Open Mic Night, which was held by cachers 6NoisyHikers. It was set up so cachers could come out and do any talent they wanted to do. There was music, stories, poetry, and even Magic!!! (lol, you can guess who did the magic)
It was a smaller gathering of cachers but a great time was had by all in attendance!!

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Geocacher of the month

Each month, geocachers around the world nominate members of their community for the prestigious title of Geocacher of the Month. The people who earn this title are not superheroes in the traditional sense: instead of the power of flight, they possess the power to transform a park bench into a treasure chest; instead of teaching the baddies how to be good, they teach newbies good geocaching etiquette; instead of stopping monsters from tearing down the city, they stop decaying geocaches from being archived. Three geocachers each month from around the world are recognized for their extraordinary contributions to Geocaching and are recognized as the official's Geocacher of the Month.
Although all the nominees will receive prizes, the featured Geocacher of the Month will receive the exclusive special edition Geocacher of the Month Geocoin, a Geocacher of the Month hat and a profile icon. They’ll also receive a certificate that recognizes their contributions, signed by Bryan Roth and Jeremy Irish, two of the founders of
Read the profiles of this month’s three nominees, and write a supportive comment below this post describing why you think this person should be recognized. A panel from Geocaching HQ will then use your comments to help guide the decision of which geocacher is awarded the Geocacher of the Month honor.

Geocacher of the month Feb 2012  (Flashback)

Back in 2012 on this month(February) I became's "Geocacher of the Month"
I was nominated twice for this, once in August 2011 and again in February 2012. What an honor, to have won this prestigious award!! ( I had started writing my blog page after winning this, so never really got a chance to write about it, click on the link to read more about it)

Editor Note:
Facebook has a feature called "On this Day" and it tells you what you posted or was posted about you for several years back. Today(March 2) this popped up as a memory from 2012.

From Rory Brown(Fellow Geocacher)
Magicman65 is one of those persons that gets a passion for a hobby and not only pursues the hobby for personal enjoyment but also decides that there is merit in contributing to the hobby to promote and make it enjoyable for others.

Forever the showman, which undoubtedly helps with his ability to help the newbie and experienced geocacher alike, he continues to help with the growth of geocaching on Vancouver Island and throughout the Province of BC.  He has my vote. 
Thank you Rory for those awesome words!!!

Challenge caches

I started a new challenge called "Puzzle Masters Challenge : Alphabet Soup"
I stated my intent to start this cache on Feb 6th/16 on the cache page as it requires.
To complete this challenge, you have to find and log 13 puzzle caches and 13 traditional caches.....each one beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. You can only use each letter once , for either a puzzle or traditional cache, in other words 26 caches, one for each letter of the alphabet. Check back soon in one of my upcoming blogs to see how long it takes me. (I am sure I could do it in a short time or even one day if I wanted to, but I will just let it happen)

I also grabbed these challenge caches in this past month:
BC Chart Challenge: 365(6) DAYS OF CACHING

Archiving a cache
Sadly just days before Jenna(Angelcheeks) and My anniversary(5 years) I had to archive the cache we placed just down the road from where we got married in Panama , it was called Oot'n Aboot at the crab shack!! We had a great time in Panama and even did some caching with 3 other cachers that live there. It was a great experience to cache in a different country.

Grabbed an FTF recently called Shedding some light on burnaby mountain, it was a multi cache, which is a good thing as right now I am trying to get more multi's so I can complete a challenge cache that I am working on. (yup, it's a sickness. lol) Another cache came out close to my house about noon one day called Forest Fun, I was at work when this one came out so thought I would have no chance at the FTF, but on the way home I noticed it had not been logged yet, so I stopped by and was happy to find an empty log book. YAY!!! A few days later I was able to grab another FTF called "A Sharpe Cache"

While in Harrison Hot springs with Angelcheeks(AKA Jenna) for our 5th Anniversary we grabbed a few caches while there and on the way out of town, and we came across a couple of really cool tree's.

This Wild Oak tree was planted by Clarke Gable in August 1933. Pretty cool to see something like this.

I was also recognized for my creativity in Magic this month when I was presented the
Murray Sawchuck Creativity award from the Vancouver Magic Circle at their annual Installation and awards Banquet.
V.M.C. President Graham Kita presenting me the Award

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Saturday, 9 January 2016

December and January caching

Victoria trip

Caching for Challenges
It always seems when I travel somewhere I tend to look towards finding Challenge caches and my recent trip over to Victoria was no exception. I found a total of 6 challenge caches that had to do with the Jasmer chart, that I was able to log as I have completed the challenges. The Jasmer chart is explained a bit more in one of my previous "Blogs"
I also found an old cache that was published in October of 2003, that I needed to fill a spot on my Jasmer chart to finish off my 2003 caches.
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I also made a trip to the Landsharkz store. They have a very cool cache box right outside their store.

The box is locked and using the newspaper on the front, you can find the combination to the lock. Very Cool!!!
Speaking of challenge caches, I was recently out in Mission for a Magic gathering and had time to grab another challenge cache called Streak Challenge. Yup its a sickness!!!

New Years eve and New Years day cache souvenirs

This New years Groundspeak was giving away 2 new souvenirs if you found a cache on New Years Eve, and New Years Day. As you can see by the pics, I got both!!!

The Yukon
A few years back in 2012 I traveled to the Yukon for work, and I did as many caches as I could while there(There is much less caches up where I was than here at home) In fact I ran out of caches in the town I was in, so I had to travel greater distances to keep caching, as you can read about in a few of my past blogs, here, here, and here!! While up there, I did one in Whitehorse on one of our few trips to the big city, that was a simple magnetic key box but it was at a very cool huge Copper Nugget. Recently my wife Angelcheeks(also known as Jenna) was up in Whitehorse on Business and she got the same cache, but as you can see by the following pics, we were there at much different times of the year. lol
Dec 2015

June 2012
 I have been contemplating the challenge cache Geo-Mentors Challenge for awhile, and thought I could get it with my friend and fellow magician, Close Up Matt. (To claim this challenge cache, there must be at least two cachers finding it together - one cacher with less than 100 finds, and one cacher with more than 1,000) Then I noticed he was creeping up on the 100 mark, so we made a plan to meet up after I was finished work and go grab this one to get it off my list. Plus this would be his first Challenge cache. This was number 97 for him and then we even went and grabbed another cache close by to bring him to 98. I then dropped him off at the skytrain station in New Westminster and headed home. About an hour later he called me to let me know he did not get the train right away and went and grabbed 2 more caches in New West to bring up his total to 100!!!! Congrats again Matt!!!
Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Saturday, 12 December 2015

10,000 page views!!!

So just recently I noticed my blog page had hit 10,000 page views. It was weird that the day I looked at it, it was exactly 10,000. A great big thanx to all my followers and to all who read my blog on a monthly basis.

Tree caches

I have recently grabbed some more tree caches, just for a bit of a challenge. They are always fun and I get a bit of exercise.
Up I go!!!

Yup, it's up there

Hanging out in a tree!

New west whereigo

Cool bench

Did another whereigo cache with angelcheeks and close up Matt in the New Westminster Quay. It was their first wherigo, and we saw a lot of interesting things while there.

A recent FTF, can you see it??

Magic Convention and caching

Went to Chilliwack for a magic convention this month, and was able to get out in the mornings for a few caches with my good friend and fellow magician Close Up Matt. We even took a newbie with us, and I think he may start caching. Not only did I find a few caches while here for the convention but I also found this:
 This is an "Anything is Possible" Bottle.
A fellow magician, Jamie D. Grant, makes these and places them out somewhere at Magic conventions and elsewhere for his twitter followers to find. He will tweet a pic like the one shown here and wait for someone to come find it. I got the tweet and noticed the pic with the Christmas tree in the background and knew it was in the lobby of the convention hotel. I missed out on about 3 or 4 of these bottles in Vegas at Magic Live, but I did not miss this one. It is now proudly displayed on my Magic bookshelf at home!!!

Caching in December

Headed to Vernon and Kamloops to do some shows and was able to grab several caches on route as well as while there. Had a chance to get some challenge caches as well.

A Cool Earthcache in Kamloops

Look out for Turtles. This was the entrance to the resort I stayed at in Kamloops where I would perform for a bunch of realtors.

This was a challenge cache that was in the parking lot of my hotel room in Vernon, and it was actually a bit challenging for me to find. I kept looking in the tree and a nearby shrub, but was not having any success. It was only when I stepped back and just looked when I realized where it was. Can you see it??

Hmmmm, could it be

Spoiler alert!!!

finally got to sign it. Now to see if I qualify for the challenge, so I can log it. lol

 Some cool caches along the way

Google hangout interview

Some time back I was interviewed by "Ultimate Caching Quests", a group of dedicated cachers that chat about all that is caching on a live internet broadcast every week. I had fun doing it and they even asked me back at some time to guest host the show. They asked me a wide range of questions from my position as VP on the B.C.G.A. As well as my beginning into caching and my magical capabilities as well. Check them out live every Sunday at 10am. It was aired on Google hangout, if you wish to check it out on youtube  "Click here"

Some comments on the show:

Hello MagicMan65! Great interview! Very good show with lots of interesting stories, tips and advice. I really like the group-geocaching hike notice idea. I'm going to message a few local cachers to see if they'd also be interested. Thanks for the great show!

Too funny on your laughing doves in the back ground, anytime I try to vlog in the house my parrot does the same thing. Sometimes she competes with me. LOL

-In my opinion this is the best UCQ Hangout show yet! -Creating new notifications is a must when traveling to new areas. -Thanks for the shout out to globaltreckers(myself) and quadsinthemudd as we had a hoot completing the "blindfolded cacher" challenge.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Kelowna bound and EarthCache Day!!!

Gold Country caching

Headed off to Kelowna for a show with another magician friend. I decided to grab some caches on the way there and on the way back. I was able to grab some Gold Country caches as well. If you collect the stickers from within each Gold Country cache and get 24 different ones, you can send them in and you get a gold bar geocoin. I received one some time back for getting 24 of the caches(See pic)
Now I am starting to collect more towards another prize. If you can read the number on it, please feel free to discover it....
Gold bar Geocoin

   I love the gold country caches as they are all either ammo cans or large blocks of cement and they are easy to find, as you can see by the pics.
Can you see it??

I think I can see it!!!

Kelowna whereigo's

I finally got to do a wherigo cache while I was in Kelowna(actually got 2 of them)

Wherigo™ Cache

Wherigo is a toolset for creating and playing GPS-enabled adventures in the real world. By integrating a Wherigo experience, called a cartridge, with finding a geocache, the geocaching hunt can be an even richer experience. Among other uses, Wherigo allows geocachers to interact with physical and virtual elements such as objects or characters while still finding a physical geocache container. A Wherigo-enabled GPS device is required to play a cartridge. Learn more at

Also did a couple of challenge caches while there. One, I know I completed the challenge as I did another one that was similar in Vancouver near UBC. The other one I was not sure if I completed the challenge until a quick look thru my caches found on G.S.A.K.(Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) told me I had easily completed it.

Total caches on the Kelowna trip:
5 Traditional Gold Country caches
2 other Traditional caches
                                               2 Challenge caches
2 Whereigo Caches

The second Whereigo I did took me to this statue of a Bear, and one of the last times I was here years ago, I got an FTF at this location.
Yup its a sickness. lol

Art Studio


The trip home was fairly quick, as we did not stop for any caches, as I was up early grabbing some caches and checking out some of the cool art, in Kelowna before leaving.


International Earthcache day 2015

Went caching for a few hours today(October 11th/15) with Close up Matt to grab an earthcache as well as 5 other caches along the trail in Burns Bog
Got a souvenir for completing this task, as today was International Earthcache day.
It was a pretty cool walk along a boardwalk thru the forested Peat Bog. I also had my little guy Oliver with us and he was a trooper as we walked at least 3km's round trip

History of Burns Bog
"Big Horn Sheep Burl" and Close Up Matt
Look at me dadda!!
It was a nice walk while chatting about magic and caching, and just enjoying the weather and the scenery. Thanx again Matt for coming along.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill